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Mobile Car Detailing Portland Oregon

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Haile Gessesse
Haile Gessesse
Jesus detailed my car in and out plus did the toxic mold package. He did a great job. Got rid of all the mold and the car looks better than ever
Tracy Franklin
Tracy Franklin
Jose did an amazing job. He was right on time, respectful, professional, and our car looks BRAND NEW. I didn’t even know it could look that good. We paid for the full package, and it was worth every penny.
yuliya phillips
yuliya phillips
Jesus did an amazing job! The final result blew me away. The car looks absolutely brand new! Nasty old stains on the seats are all gone. Very impressed by quality of his work. He was also very polite, on time, professional. He came and did the entire work in my driveway. Extremely convenient. I will Definitely highly recommend this company!
Stephanie Penney
Stephanie Penney
Jesus did an amazing job on my Subaru! He was honest, nice, and efficient. I didn't think my car could get that clean, but he did it!! I will definitely be using them again!
David Policar
David Policar
Good communication, professional, hard workers. Clean car!
Shawna Powel
Shawna Powel
Fantastic customer service all the way! Jesus did a great job detailing our daughters car that was in desperate need of cleaning!
Danielle Turner
Danielle Turner
I had a great experience. Jesus showed up right on time, was really efficient, and did a great job addressing all of the hard to get areas. The convenience is great too.

Mobile Car Detailing Portland Oregon

There is a huge amount of people taking care of their cars, spending effort after their job or the weekend to give a proper rinse and detailing to their vehicle over here in Portland. GoDetail Wash is Portland’s Best Choice for professional car detailing. Get rid of dirt, grime, and stains on your car with our professional detailing and car wash service. We even offer a monthly maintenance service where we clean your car once every month.

Professional Mobile Car Wash Services in Portland OR

Washing your vehicle takes quite a bit of time out of your day, time that could be better spent elsewhere on more important matters. Why waste energy on something as tedious as washing and doing the interiors/exteriors of your car when you can just pass it off to a proper car wash that will get the job done like a professional. GoDetail Wash is the premier auto detailing company in Portland, OR. We offer a range of servicing options and packages to suit your needs.

Mobile Auto Detailing Portland Oregon

With our mobile detailing services, we will come over to your home or office (as long as we have acess to water and electricity) – at your convenience. We offer A Full Detail Packge (inside out), an Interior Detail Package, and an Exterior Detail Package. GoDetail Wash provides the most thorough and complete auto detailing services in Portland OR.

We take care of the interior and exterior of your car with our auto detailing service based out of Portland.

Our auto detail services are word-class. We always make sure to do a thorough cleaning of your car, just pick up your phone and give us a call – we’ll be right over!

You might be thinking “well I can do it myself right?”, that may be correct, you could do it yourself without a doubt but when you hire our mobile detailing services to hand wash your car – the interior and exterior – with amazing attention to detail and guarantee your car to be as clean as it possibly could be.

Premier Portland Car Detailing Service

Managed, year-round, full-service hand wash and mobile detail shop, located here in the Portland, Oregon community we perform our detailing services with attention to detail which guarantees your wash to be the best in the city. When your vehicle gets dirty and you come back from work, do you really want to clean it? Why not leave it up to professionals to do all the hard work of cleaning up your automobile.

Just call us! We take care of cleaning multiple cars every day and every week. We are the experts!

Portland Mobile Car Detailing

We are a full service mobile auto detailing company located in Portland OR. Our detailers come right to you! We specialize in making your car shine inside and out. Our headquarters is located at 3520 SW Patton Rd, Portland, OR 97221, however we do not service any cars here. To get to our headquarters you will want to take SW Sunset Hwy. Then take the Sylvan exit, and head South on SW Scholls Ferry Rd. Then take SW Humphrey Blvd until you arrive at our location. For Specific instructions from your location get driving directions.


Mobile Auto Detailing services in Portland, Oregon

Everyone likes to drive around to all different kinds of places, but no one ever wants to get their car dirty because this typically only means one thing – they need to wash their cars.

No matter how careful you may be, it’s inevitable that your car will eventually be needing a car wash, and ultimately, if you do it yourself you will get tired of washing and cleaning your own car!

Now, what are you going to choose if you had the choice, wash your cars in and out all by yourself, or have a team of professionals come RIGHT TO YOUR DOORSTEP, no matter your locations, and detail it for you?

If you’re one of the busy car owners that do not have the time to wash it yourself or to drive to a car wash, we’ve got news for you!

A mobile detailing company in Portland

With our highly mobile auto detailing service, getting your car clean will never be a problem again.

You can now finally utilize those extra few hours of your day and spend it elsewhere on more important matters.

We will safely and professionally perform these once tedious tasks, so you get to enjoy the nice and fruitful results from hiring our mobile wash, and that was without even lifting a finger!

GoDetail Wash is the best mobile auto detailing service you can find in Portland, Oregon.

We guarantee you that you will not find any other car wash worth your money after experiencing our premium detailing service.

What are our auto detailing services?

As we mentioned, we offer a full range, highly mobile auto detailing service that will come directly to you (as long as we have access to water and electricity) and take care of your vehicle, both interior and exterior.

We offer A Full Detail Package (inside out), an Interior Detail Package, and an Exterior Detail Package to residents in Portland and surrounding cities.

For the inside, we specialize in making sure your carpet/mat, leather upholstery, air vents, dashboards, and steering wheel are all properly detailed, reviving that new, clean car feeling for you when you drive.

For the outside, we make sure to give your car a good washing and take care of any dirt, grime, foreign objects stuck in your wheels, chipped paint, and hand washes it thoroughly to make sure that your car shines brighter than the sun in summer! Our full-service hand wash cleans all crevices and gaps.

GoDetail also provides other extra services that can be done upon requests, such as window tinting, ceramic coating, and PPF application services.

If you are unsure about what kind of service you need, give us a phone call at (971) 290-1109 to receive a free quotation and consultation from our experts!

Premium Car Detailing Service

Our mobile car detailing services are world-class.

Compared to your regular gas station tunnel car wash, our bespoke service will always be a step ahead when it comes to properly taking care of your beloved ride.

You might be thinking, “well, I can do it myself, right?”

This is a valid question that an intelligent consumer like yourself would have.

But let me ask you this, why would you want to do it yourself when you could have hired someone who has years of experience, specialized in vehicle detailing, to do the job for you in less than half the time it takes for you to do it yourself?

Our vehicle detailing services are managed year-round by seasoned professionals who care about cars just like yourself.

We perform our detailing services with the level of attention and dedication you have never seen, and we utilize premium equipment strictly.

If you are asking, “how do I know if it is worth the money?” the answer to that lies within the results of our service and our customers’ testimonials.

GoDetail guarantees you the best car wash you’ve ever paid for. 

No more unwanted scratches from automated tunnel car washes, as we only do hand wash; no more damaged leather seats with sub-par equipment, as GoDetail makes sure to utilize harm-free chemicals for detailing.

The best thing is, we are a mobile detail shop, meaning that you can give us a call to set up an appointment, no need to wait and no matter where you’re located, and we will drive directly to you and wash your vehicle for you. We ensure a great job done!

With this information in mind, the next time your vehicle gets dirty on the way to work or back from a road trip, leave the dirty job to us experts and get your clean car back in no time!

Portland Mobile Car Detailing

We are a full-service mobile auto detailing company located in Portland. Once again, our detailers come right to you for your convenience!

GoDetail strives for the best services with our intricate attention for our customers in Portland and surrounding cities.

We take pride in being Portland’s Car Wash of choice. Reclaim that clean car feeling today, and let us know how we can help!


Mobile Detailing Portland

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How can I book an appointment?

Book an appointment anytime by phone or online. For the fastest response time you can call or text 971-290-1109 Monday to Sunday anytime from 7 AM to 7 PM. You can also easily book online by clicking BOOK NOW Button near the top of the page or just click the link below. Thank you!


Can you detail my car at my home, office or appartment?

Yes we can! All we need is acess to electricity and water. We carry extention cords for water and electricity as long as 100 feet so its easy for us to access power.

How long does the detail usually take?

Each detail takes a different amount of time depending on the size and dirtyness of the vehicle. On average it takes 1-2 hours for an Exterior Detail job. It takes 1.5-2.5 hours for an Interior Detail job, and it takes 2-3.5 hours for a Full Detail job.

How long will the clean last?

We at GoDetail pride ourselves in how long we are able to keep your car clean even after we are done detailing. We generously apply various paint, window, and plastic sealants and protectants all over your car to keep it shinning and protected for longer. We like to give our customers a lot of value for their money and making the detail job last a long time is our priority.

What if I don't have access to water or electricity?

If you don’t have access to water or electricity, we’ve got you covered. Contact us at 971-290-1109 to find out where we can meet up to get your car looking brand new. There are many options for dropping off your car, you can either have a friend drop your car off with you so they could give you a ride home while you’re waiting for it to be cleaned, you can use Uber, or we can arrange a shuttle ride for you at a small price. We have a washing location near Council Crest in SW Portland. So, there is no need to worry if you live someplace without acess to both water and electricity. We are here to help!